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Here in Australia 🇦🇺 all of our morning news programs are exhaustively covering Cyclone (hurricane) Debbie which is due to hit the coastline of Queensland in a couple of hours.

This cyclone is a huge slow moving system and while it is at this point only a category 4 it has the potential to cause great damage as it is moving so slowly.  There is also the impact of a predicted 8 meter storm surge for low lying areas.  25 000 people have been evacuated from their homes over the last 24 hours and now those in the storms path must bunker down and wait for it to pass.

Here is a link to images of Cyclone Debbie from the ISS yesterday.

The area of the Queensland coastline that is being effected by this cyclone are the major tourist areas of the Whitsunday Islands and Coast on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.   These islands are currently experiencing winds of over 220km per hour as the system sits about 60km offshore of Bowen.  The town of Proserpine has experienced over 200ml of rain in an hour.  Over 20 000 homes are without power.

Cyclones are a part of life for those in Tropical North Queensland.  When we were living in Darwin in 2011 we experienced Tropical Cyclone Carlos a category 2 storm however Xander was too young to remember it.

While this storm is a very serious event with the potential to cause fatalities.  It is also a perfect opportunity to learn about cyclones.

If you are in Cyclone watch like we are or if your little people are interested in learning about tropical cyclones here is some links

Australian Bureau of Meteorology About Cyclones

Australian Bureau of Meteorology Predicting Cyclone Tracking

News Coverage and Footage from Cyclone Impacted Areas (be aware that all of these news broadcasts are very family friendly but there will be irreverent language and Australian-isms which would not be heard in other parts of the world)

Channel 7 Live News

 The Daily Mercury, Mackay’s News Service

Channel 9 Live News

And these crazy people from Oz Cyclone Chasers have been streaming live footage from the Cyclone Zone , (potential language warning this is live footage.  I have not seen the whole video, the parts I have seen are spectacular footage from inside the cyclone that is family friendly)

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the cyclones path and we will be keeping an eye on the storm as the day passes.  Hopefully it is less severe that previous storms.




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