Road schooling

Otherwise known as homeschooling on a road trip.

Tomorrow we embark on a road trip of approximately 4000km that will take us somewhere between 10 and 14 days.

Technically school holidays start this weekend so we don’t really have to do any school work for the next 2 weeks.  But who wants to be normal?

I don’t expect me or the children to be focused on our usual school work during the trip but we will continue on with some of our usual daily lessons.

This is how I packed our Roadschooling basket.

Card games (one in french) and Starter Styles (educational activities) and Xander’s scientific calculator because he takes it everywhere

Board games that we also play in French.

Spelling book for Xander and copy work for Sienna.  Sienna’s current reading books and headphones for all.

Felts, pencils, erasers etc and a guide book that Xander has been reading about the North Island in New Zealand for our August trip.  

Finally some info sheets that I printed out that relate to towns and attractions along our drive and small sketch books for all. iPads will be coming along too but they will be with the kids for he whole trip.  

That is it!  We are done and packed for 2 weeks ‘school’ on the road.  

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