Jumping In Feet First

Welcome to Saturday Morning Reflections.  Welcome to Term 2 for all of you Aussies out there!

I know it has been a few weeks since my last post, our Easter break has been a little crazy.  Yet here we are jumping into Term 2 feet first!  Perhaps jumping is a little exaggeration but we are greeting the new term with enthusiasm.

Some changes with our extra curricular activities this term, trying some new sports, meeting some new people.  All good things to come.

This morning is Xander’s 8th birthday!  Bless him, he even let us all sleep in util 8am!  He received this amazing Lego set that I am sure will take him most of the day to complete.

Over our Easter break we travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane and back via Sydney and then wandered all over Victoria with visitors from interstate.  We visited some wonderful museums, attractions and other fun places that I will be posting about in the coming weeks.

It is officially autumn in Victoria, while we were away the weather has cooled and the leaves have turned dramatic colours.  This is my favourite season of all in southern Australia.  Something romantic about red and yellow leaves and cool temperatures.

Enjoy your coming week whether it is Autumn or Spring.  This time of year is delicious ❤❤



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