Term 2

We have switched some things around this term.  Our schedule was a little full on last term and some weeks we struggled to get our academic work done.  The balance was a bit off.

This term we have taken a break from our beloved home school co op after 15 months.  Sunday is our big family day and it is often a late night.  Being up and ready Monday mornings for a full day of activities was a challenge.

Sienna has also decided to swap her ballet class for the Homeschool Pony Club.  She had her first lesson last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Personally I am hoping the horse thing is a phase.  It is one of the more expensive sports in this world.

Xander has also decided to join our local Homeschool Rock Climbing club.  We did one session as a trial last year and he was hooked.  We are very lucky that both the Pony Club and Rock Climbing Club are on alternate weeks so they fit into our schedule perfectly.

This term our weeks will hopefully run like this

Monday – School work in the morning followed by a French lesson and Golf for Xander.

Tuesday – School work in the morning followed by Afternoon Adventures.

Wednesday – School work in the morning followed by Fencing for Xander.

Thursday – School work in the morning followed by Swimming for both kids.

Friday – Horse Riding or Rock Climbing on alternating weeks followed by football in the evenings for both kids.

Saturday – Lazy morning with a Drum lesson for Xander at lunch and a chance for me to catch up on some housework.

Sunday – Big Family Day

We are still hoping to add Piano to Sienna’s curriculum this year but first lets see if we can manage things a little better before we add yet another activity.


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