No One to Play With

Welcome to Saturday Morning Reflections on a Sunday.  Sorry for the delay in he post, I made a scheduling error.  I didn’t intend to schedule this post at all. 

This morning felt weird.  I woke up and it was very quiet.  The kids slept in.  The animals left me alone. I had nothing that I had to get up and do.

For the last 4 weeks we have either been travelling, staying with friends and family or hosting friends and family at our home.  It has been so much fun!  We love having our people around.  Since moving to Melbourne last year we have missed it. Today the house seems a little empty.  There is no one to play with. 

This morning there was no one to get up and cook for, no plans to be made for the weekend.  It was a normal Saturday morning and it feels weird because it has been 5 weeks since the last one.

Of course there is the perpetual housework calling out to me from every room.  There are blog posts to organise and draft, football newsletters to be written.  But for the first time in weeks I may have time for yoga.  I am even tempted to light the fire, it is almost cool enough to enjoy it.  I could run around the house naked if i wanted to!  Ok it really isn’t warm enough for that.  

I hope you all enjoy your weekend in whatever form it takes whether it full of family and friends and laughter or whether it is at home, quiet and peaceful. 

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