Jumping In Feet First

Welcome to Saturday Morning Reflections.  Welcome to Term 2 for all of you Aussies out there! I know it has been a few weeks since my last post, our Easter break has been a little crazy.  Yet here we are jumping into Term 2 feet first!  Perhaps jumping is a little exaggeration but we are... Continue Reading →

A Day Off

Welcome to Saturday Morning Reflections ūüėÄ. This morning I am day dreaming about taking a day off. ¬†A full day. ¬† From rising in the morning till sleeping at night where I do not do any of the usual things. I will not: Prepare any meals Pack or unpack the dishwasher Do any washing or... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own Adventure Week

Monday was a public holiday here in Victoria so we jumped at the chance of a weekend away. ¬†Now with only 4 'school' days left this week I am shaking things up. I have officially called a "Choose Your Own Adventure Week!" ¬†No preset school work, it is all up to them and their natural... Continue Reading →

Oh So Tired

This Saturday I am reflecting on sleep. ¬†I am feeling a little deprived. ¬†A little tired. ¬†I look a little tired that is for sure. It is Saturday morning at 5:30am and I have been up for about an hour and a half. ¬†Feeling mildly stressed and anxious after a week of upheaval I just... Continue Reading →

Laundry Lady

This weeks reflections post is dedicated to laundry. ¬†Yes good old washing, folding and ironing. ¬†It has been a recurring theme this week. A week ago Jason and I were talking about ways to reduce our electricity usage. ¬†The one appliance in this house that uses the most electricity is by far the clothes dryer.... Continue Reading →

Saturday Morning Reflections

The cats woke me up early. ¬†6am is too early for a Saturday. ¬†Storm, our 4 year old Manx, gifted me with a half eaten lizard next to my bed. ¬†She must like me. I attempted to go back to sleep but no luck. ¬†Instead I am creeping around the house like a ninja trying... Continue Reading →

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