The Newell Highway Melbourne to Brisbane

Tomorrow we are off on a grand adventure to visit friend and family in Brisbane for our Easter break.  I have decided that our best route will be via the Newell Highway.  This route runs from Melbourne, north through central Victoria, central New South Wales and into central southern Queensland where it heads east to... Continue Reading →

Why do you take your children overseas? 

In the early years of our relationship, when our older children were young, Jason and I wanted to travel.  In those first 7 years we managed to save and do 3 overseas trips.  My mother would generously look after the children and we managed a trip to Vanuatu in 2003, Around the World in 2004/2005... Continue Reading →

Top Travel Tips – Booking Accommodation

Accommodation is often the most expensive part of a trip.  It may surprise you but booking accommodation for your trip is about more than choosing a hotel from the flashy brochure in the travel agent.  Yes you can do it that way, but you have little guidance on your decision, usually just a star rating... Continue Reading →

How Do You Travel Overseas Every Year?

The answer to this one is simple.  Planning, planning and more planning. From 2007 to 2013 we didn't travel any further than a road trip within Australia.  We wanted to .  We formed plans and started researching.  Some of those years we had the money to travel but we just couldn't pull it together.  In... Continue Reading →

Paris October 2013

Oh Paris!  The city of love ❤️.  We were planning our first overseas trip with the little children and the flight we were looking at had a short stop over in Paris .  Just a couple of hours, that was it.  Until Xander heard us talking about it. 'Mum are we going to Paris?' he... Continue Reading →

Alcatraz – December 2016

In December 2016 we did a 4 week road trip on the west coast of the USA and the eastern provinces of Canada.  I am doing weekly travel posts to share our adventures.  To see all the posts please click on the Travel category on the right.   We were in San Francisco from the... Continue Reading →

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