Why do you take your children overseas? 

In the early years of our relationship, when our older children were young, Jason and I wanted to travel.  In those first 7 years we managed to save and do 3 overseas trips.  My mother would generously look after the children and we managed a trip to Vanuatu in 2003, Around the World in 2004/2005... Continue Reading →

Top Travel Tips – Booking Accommodation

Accommodation is often the most expensive part of a trip.  It may surprise you but booking accommodation for your trip is about more than choosing a hotel from the flashy brochure in the travel agent.  Yes you can do it that way, but you have little guidance on your decision, usually just a star rating... Continue Reading →

How Do You Travel Overseas Every Year?

The answer to this one is simple.  Planning, planning and more planning. From 2007 to 2013 we didn't travel any further than a road trip within Australia.  We wanted to .  We formed plans and started researching.  Some of those years we had the money to travel but we just couldn't pull it together.  In... Continue Reading →

Paris October 2013

Oh Paris!  The city of love ❤️.  We were planning our first overseas trip with the little children and the flight we were looking at had a short stop over in Paris .  Just a couple of hours, that was it.  Until Xander heard us talking about it. 'Mum are we going to Paris?' he... Continue Reading →

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