At the start of 2013 we withdrew our teenage daughters from mainstream schooling and commenced homeschooling.  Prompted by bullying, negative socialising and learning disorders we decided that home was a safer and more encouraging environment for them.

I had been looking into homeschooling for  a few years and now wish I had started earlier to avoid some of the negative behaviour and the unessecary struggles that became a part of their mainstream high school experiences.

The transition wasn’t easy.  In fact many days were downright ugly. But we persevered.

Now they are both grown up young women facing the world on their own terms.

Around this time our two younger children were approaching school age.  We started doing the usual school tours however we soon realised that these institutions were not going to be able to provide our children with the customised education that we could provide at home.

Emboldened by the knowledge and experience of homeschooling our older children we decided to continue with the younger children.

We revise and renew this commitment year by year.  We are not anti-school however the experience we had over the 11 years of schooling our older children made us very aware of the limitations and challenges that exist in the school system.

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