How Do You Know What to Teach?

I am asked this question by prospective homeschoolers and curious parents of school children all the time.  How do I know what to teach?  How do I remember everything I learnt at school? The answer is that I don't.  I don't know or remember everything from my education decades ago.  I don't have to. My... Continue Reading →

Top Travel Tips – Booking Accommodation

Accommodation is often the most expensive part of a trip.  It may surprise you but booking accommodation for your trip is about more than choosing a hotel from the flashy brochure in the travel agent.  Yes you can do it that way, but you have little guidance on your decision, usually just a star rating... Continue Reading →

Sienna’s 2017 Curriculum Resources

Sienna is in her first official year of school this year.  She is so very excited to finally be 'doing school' like Xander.  She has been learning alongside Xander for years but this year is exciting because she is big enough for real school work. In reality she will go right along doing what she... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own Adventure Week

Monday was a public holiday here in Victoria so we jumped at the chance of a weekend away.  Now with only 4 'school' days left this week I am shaking things up. I have officially called a "Choose Your Own Adventure Week!"  No preset school work, it is all up to them and their natural... Continue Reading →

How Do You Travel Overseas Every Year?

The answer to this one is simple.  Planning, planning and more planning. From 2007 to 2013 we didn't travel any further than a road trip within Australia.  We wanted to .  We formed plans and started researching.  Some of those years we had the money to travel but we just couldn't pull it together.  In... Continue Reading →

Paris October 2013

Oh Paris!  The city of love ❤️.  We were planning our first overseas trip with the little children and the flight we were looking at had a short stop over in Paris .  Just a couple of hours, that was it.  Until Xander heard us talking about it. 'Mum are we going to Paris?' he... Continue Reading →

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